Nobody Home

This is a story of violence, cruelty, and injustice. The events took place behind the closed doors of an ordinary family and then in the dark recesses of a society. Robert Sheriff recounts a childhood behind the myth of Australia, the lucky country. Born into a blue-collar family Robert charts his experience at the hands of his violent father, complicit mother and an indifferent society. Then, in his darkest hour, he is consumed by the South Australian State at its most perverse and exposed to institutional abuse, rape, and murder. This is the true story of the powerless exposed to the brutality of the powerful, where children were commodities and the law turned a blind eye to unimaginable evil. Robert writes about the men and the mechanisms that consumed the innocence of children and then discarded them to a life of shameful silence. By speaking out, against the odds, Robert is concluding his miracle of survival.


Nobody's Home is truly a heart breaking story. I was teary eyed many times as I turned the pages. The author has been to hell and back living to tell his story of horrific abuse not only by his own family but by the hands of the very people who were supposed to protect him. Years upon years of continued abuse sent young Robert down a road of treachery beyond what the mind can imagine. The injustices that occurred throughout his young life paved the way for a completely damaged adult. With true courage and strength Robert marched on like a dedicated soldier going into battle fighting for his truths and freedom every step of the way. Adulthood did not free him from his internal damage and pain. Life continued to be a turbulent ride until recent times. As the true healing has now begun so many, many years later, this story is a profound example to the long terms effects of abuse. Around the world globally child abuse is happening and we need to raise our voices for change. This author has done that - he now stands! FIVE STAR

Lisa ZarconeFIVE STAR

What a sad chapter for anyone's life. That you survived it, I'm sure made you strong and the man you are today, but no one should ever have a legacy like that. I have read about the hard times in Australia and about the missing generation. But how many of them were taken from homes like yours and how many of them were stolen from loving mothers? Such a tragedy.
A shame that the memories of such a life cannot be removed, but it looks like you have pulled yourself from the depths and gone on to make a life for yourself. For that, I admire you.
This is great writing but so heart-wrenching to read. Nicely written Trish
I am a friend of Peter Mathews he let me read book.


Good on you Robert for writing the book and telling your story. I grew up with loving parents and can't imagine what you went through as a child. It's so unbelievable that there are people out there who can abuse children or even animals, they have a blocked heart chakra and don't feel love. Lots of love to you and I hope you sell lots of copies.