An Account on Robert Sherriff’s Life

A brief on my life

Being one of those unfortunate people who are mistreated early in their lives, I felt that pain and had decided to dedicate my adulthood to surface all the mistreatment that I went through.

Robert Lloyd Sherriff is an author, poet, historian, actor, model, and photographer from Adelaide, South Australia. Nobody’s Home, Dirkbell, Zoe – A Zombie short and Stateless are a few of his notable works and honourable mentions. He is a father of six and a beloved husband, and now he is spending his years of retirement.

Early Life

Belonging from the Australian Aboriginal group, Robert’s early life was very difficult. He was a child from The Stolen Generations who got separated from his parents. The state sent him to foster care, where he went through sexual abuse and mental trauma. Robert lived through one of the darkest times of Australian history, where native Australian people were called half-castes and treated like cattle.

On the state’s order, Aboriginal children were separated from their families and selected to work for and adjust in the white society. However, being a believer, Robert refused to quit and endured all that resistance, which he kept on facing while growing up.


Going through the tough times and hardships also made him strong and firm in life. After his early life, he made up his mind that he will devote his life to those unfortunate children and people who are still abused at the hands of the powerful. He has written a book named Nobody’s Home in which he has discussed the struggles of children who go through violence at the hands of their alcoholic fathers and how he, being one of them, went on to become a survivor and an inspiration for others.

He also wrote a book series “Dirkbell” for children and has written poems praising the nature, life, the attribute of love that has been gifted to us by God and all other bounties.

Robert is a self-educated person who did not only educate himself in the field of academics but also learned a lot through the hardships of life. The fact that he escaped from all his troubles and finally found his resolve made his belief in God stronger and deeper.

At one time, he had 18 people working for him, which shows how he turned himself from being an inferior and suppressed child to an impactful person with a very defined and meaningful path in life.

“Don’t just exist; do something meaningful with your life. Discover a problem and fix it.”

Israelmore Ayivor

Stories are really powerful. When shared, they have the ability to heal, strengthen, and inspire. The stories that people share are based on what people have gathered from life experiences, and the most powerful forms of stories are stories of resilience. The word resilience itself is a demonstration of the ability of a person who bends in situations but does not break.

Robert has one thing to say there is not such word as can’t, Set your self goals. Don’t blame others for your mistakes. And don’t use the word (IF) in five years ten years time don’t say to me (IF) only I had done that or this? Your choices then you have to grasp it both hands.

Life is a journey of endless struggles, and there are lots of life experiences that push people to the breaking point. But how people react to those situations is what the word resilience stands for. When talking about resilience, such stories not only inspire other people with the same situations to not give up, it also helps the people in raising their voices and coming forward to seek justice.

People who are victims of wrongful acts such as harassment, physical, and sexual abuse are pushed to a level of extremity where getting out of the situation seems close to impossible. It is not uncommon for victims to get tangled in self-blame, self-harm and ultimately, suicide. When they see no way out of their miseries, they surrender to substance abuse, take drugs, and take up medication. However, when victims see people sharing stories of their struggles, their hope is naturally increased

There are many people in the world who are living examples of resilience, including Oprah Winfrey, Robert Lloyd Sherriff 2nd, and many more. Robert says he was not a victim. What happened to him as a child was not his fault.


Born on the 8th of July in 1954, Robert Lloyd Sherriff 2nd opened his eyes in Victoria, Australia. Things were bad for him since the beginning. He was born prematurely and weighed only two pounds. Robert was born with a twin brother Peter who was killed in car accident 1980 six people where in the car they all died. He came from a very unstable family. He prayed to belong to a family who would love him. At seven he tried to commit suicide. That was the first of many attempts. Then came the mutilation were he would get hold of a razor blade and cut himself.

Robert’s father, an employee of the Royal Australian Air Force (defence force RAFF), Robert’s father, Robert Lloyd Sherriff 1st, was born in Adelaide South Australia. Robert Lloyd Sherriff 1st his mother Ann Richards was a prostitute; he would wonder of all the men his mother saw who was his father. He was 24 years old when the boys Robert 2nd and Peter were born. Robert Lloyd Sherriff 1s met his wife in 1953 Mary Janet Jackson she was nineteen when we were born. They were married December 1953. They would go on to have six children Johnnie died from cot death in 1956 he was buried in an unmarked grave Melbourne Victoria Australia. His great great grandparents were from Scotland. Robert’s 2nd father Robert 1st was not very well educated. Robert 1st His mother, Ann Richards, was a prostitute by profession. Robert Lloyd Sherriff 1st was an alcoholic and beat Robert and his brother regularly and raped both his sisters. At age seven, he was beaten so severely that he had four ribs and his arm broken. In 1961, the judge called him Robert 1st a animal. Robert was taken away from his abusive father and went on become a Ward of the State of South Australia after that incident.

Robert became a ward of the government and was taken to Glandore Boys’ Home in Adelaide.

Even though Robert was surviving in his personal hell, physical abuse, within his house, things got worse at the institution. There, he fell prey to sexual abuse. The state employees used boys, including Robert, for their sexual pleasure. The worse thing these boys would fear was fear itself. They were held captive in locked doors and were molested multiple times, and there was murder. Robert described the acts of employees of the state as “fucking assholes…the people behind the operation working for the government, employees of the government sexually abused children at night-time behind closed doors.”

Even though every single person was a victim of sexual abuse at the institution, none of the boys stood up. Other state employees questioned Robert’s attitude and to “cure” him; they would use shock treatment on him. The excessive physical, sexual, and emotional abuse pushed him into a dark place where he started to self-harm. Eventually, he became a patient of depression, something that disturbs him today as well. When Robert received medical treatment, he got out of the institution and was finally able to begin his healing journey. He became a street kid. Robert had his twin brother Peter and Sister Josie and Brother James and other sister Annie to look after.


Even though Robert had a really troubled past, he did not give up. Once he left the institution, he took up drawing. Robert was already a passionate artist and started pursuing art from his teens. He did a photo shoot of a still nude model and eventually drew the portrait as well. Then Robert would also become a nude model.

He married Carol in 1981; Robert is father to six children, two from first marriage Mark born 12-2-1975 Adam Robert Lloyd born 8-8-1977 then from second marriage four children Robert Lloyd Sherriff 3rd 21st October 1982 then Kellie Marie Sherriff born 1-6-1984 then Hayley June Sherriff named after the comet born 23-1-1986 then Jarryd Heath Peter Les Sherriff born 9-7-1988. Robert has twelve grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Despite the hardships, Robert did not let his passions die, and in 2016, he started pursuing acting. To his surprise, he was cast in Time of Zoe in 2016 and Zoe – A Zombie Short in 2017. TV series Wolf Creek and other major productions.

Robert’s books have all been entered into the Prime Minister awards. 2019.

In 2018, his book “Nobody’s Home” was published. The book talks openly about sexual abuse and how it can affect the personality of a person. The book is a reflection of his efforts into spreading awareness about forms of sexual abuse and how to this day, the topic is considered a taboo in the society. He also wrote three other books, including Dirkbell, which is a story about a squirrel and how he saved his neighbourhood from a brown terrier.

The Inner Sanctuary of My Mind, and My God, How Great Thou Art.

Robert’s books have all been entered into the Prime Minister awards. 2020.

In 2018, Robert was also part of the population who received a received apology from Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison in the federal parliament. The Prime Minister apologized to the victims for failing to save them from sexual abuse.

At 64, he was diagnosed with asbestos. But all the sufferings and distress didn’t get the best of Robert. He sang songs, two of which are “It Was a Very Good Year” and “Would You Know My Name?” Robert also started writing poems and is also a historian today. His story is an inspiration for all victims of physical and sexual abuse today.

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