Author Poet Actor Model Singer


Author Poet Actor Model Singer


Who’s Robert Lloyd Sherriff?

A brief on my life

Being one of those unfortunate people who are mistreated early in their lives, I felt that pain and had decided to dedicate my adulthood to surface all the mistreatment that I went through.

About Me

A Deeper Insight on my Work

In my books and other works, I speak of the injustice and cruelty that I went through all my life at the hands of a corrupt system. By talking about it openly, I believe that I can create awareness among the people about the likes of me being abused by the state.


Work With Me

I encourage people to support my cause and take my legacy further. I believe that if my cause lives on, it can create a change that will benefit the lives of thousands living at the mercy of the state.

Work With Me

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